Tuesday = Hearts and Home Day

I started homeschooling this year for one of our two children.  I have thought about it before, for different reasons, and didn’t know if it would be right for us or not (or if I would be able to maintain my sanity).  I still am not sure since sanity is in always hanging in the balance as well as our oldest seems to be happy where he is (most days). 

In this short period of time I have come to understand that not everyone understands, or thinks they understand, homeschooling and may treat you a little weird at times when you advise them of this choice.  If you are a homeschooling family and have gotten strange looks or comments you have to check this out:


If you are not a homeschooling family but have concerns, questions, or want to remove the “Your doing what?” question from your vocabulary then please check this out as well.  I believe one answer will not fit most people, outside of scripture,  (not just in homeschooling vs other educational methods but in all areas) as God has created us all uniquely differently.  My hope is that we all stop conforming and listen to what God says and then use that judgment in who he created us to be not what others tell us is the norm.

P.S. – Just because someone makes a different choice than you doesn’t make you wrong (or theirs).  Don’t take it personally or as an insult.  It just might work better for them.  If it’s doesn’t, no worries, it’s not your mess to deal with.

Have a Rockin Day!