Wednesday is a day that we can discuss ideas on ways to help others.  I would like to share an idea I read awhile back although I have made it my own with add’t details.


I have read about children who opt for no presents and donations for their favorite charity for their birthday.  Since most children I know may not choose this option they may be open to something just down a notch. 

Throw an “Art Party”.  I think this party is one that is great for both boys and girls if they like to draw, paint, color, and/or craft. 

You start with a paint palette for the invitation.  Decorate the party with as many colorful things as possible as this is an art party.    Layout pencils, ribbon, crayons, scrapbook items, fun scissors, markers, glitter, stickers, etc.  Make sure to have construction, or any other kind of paper, folded in card style.  Let the kids create their cards.  You may even want to print a few pictures of the party to put on them if you have the capability.

The kids have fun making the cards for the party and then as a group you can go to a close by nursing home or hospital to give to the residents/patients.  Make sure to call ahead to advise the group is coming.  If you can’t arrange transportation for everyone then just make sure the birthday boy or girl goes to take the cards there. 

For the dessert you may want do this as an art project as well. Bake some cupcakes and have each guest frost and decorate their own. 

If you choose to do goody bags you can have plain paper sacks that they can color and put in each sack a couple of age appropriate art supplies.  Sketch pad and a drawing pencil for an older child or coloring book and crayons for younger children.

This is a simple party but it teaches kids to think beyond themselves and that giving back can be fun.

Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)