You’re at my mercy today 🙂

My hubby came home yesterday from work and said “I brought you home a magazine to look at.”  I do like magazines as it’s quick reading and that is about all I seem to have time for most days.  But his eyes.  He was up to something.  “What kind of magazine?”  “Well” he said like he was not wanting to tell me. 

Now I know you might be thinking – where is this going?  I thought I trusted this blog.  Ok, just hang on for another minute. 

 So he confessed “It’s a magazine that came from the doctors office (he is a dental tech) and it has a bunch of plastic surgery stuff in it.”  OK, this is interesting, I’ll take the bite.  “Well what do you want me to have done?”  He knew I would say that of course.  What else would one say?

“It has like teeth whitening and lotions and stuff too.” he says.   I guess I could use my teeth whitened (although I probably will never have it done), but I knew that isn’t what he brought it home unless this is a side to his personality I haven’t seen in the last 14 years.  But you do start to wonder, is there something he wants to change.  He has never said anything like this before so what’s the point of all this?  What possible reason, when I have five million -yes five million, things to do, would he give me this?

He replies “It has more than that it has lotions and stuff too.  And I thought you might be able to get a blog out of it.    “Guess what?” I told him, “I didn’t even look at the magazine and I have my blog.” 🙂

Thanks hunny bunches of O’s for the laugh!