Since a lot of people get paid on Friday’s I thought money would be a good subject for today. 

 There’s the old adage that you have to spend money to make money.  Well, my spin is you have to spend money to save money and live more simply at times.?.?.?.?

I have learned this lesson from my hubby and his family.  I had the “WalMark” personality.  Buy as cheap as you can.  If it’s on sale buy as much as you can as you never know if it will ever be at that price again.  The results of this can be a crowded home and things that aren’t of good quality (sometimes).  His family believes buy LESS, buy the best (which is not always the most expensive), and take care of what you own.

This is not to say that I do not shop at discount stores anymore, but I am learning to understand that there are many times that we settle for cheap things and don’t cherish them like we would something that costs a little more money.  Sure a dish towel that costs a dollar might be great, at the time, but if you do a lot of dishes/cooking you may need to invest in a couple of nice dish cloths for $5 each and not replace them every 3 months.

Buyer beware.  Not everything that is expensive is of good quality.  Sometimes we have to give up our instant gratification and shop around.  I believe this can make your life more simple as you will not buy so much to take care of, have to dispose of, purchase as often, and/or items to fix. 

Consumer reports is a great resource and there are issues at the library with a resource guide.  For cooking I like America’s Test Kitchen as they try many different products and give you their best (and it’s rarely the most expensive).  If you have a guide that you know of that tests products, please leave a comment.


  1. Do you real need it?
  2. Can you afford the item?  Are you settling for a cheaper model because you can’t afford the better one?  Can you wait?
  3. Will it bring joy to you life?  When you put it on will you think if I only had three things this would be one of them?
  4. Do you have time to take care of it?
  5. Do you have the space?
  6. What would happen if you don’t have the item?
  7. Have you done your research?

That’s my money tip.  What’s yours?  I love to learn from others!