While I was at the grocery store picking up my items, and looking at other people’s cart (Does anyone else do that?), I realized I am somewhere between Bulgar and Banquet.  “What does that mean?” you ask.

In my cart I have some products from the “health food” aisle.  Lots of fruit and veggies to boot!  I must be doing great.  But wait….

Behold, there is can chili.  I have several cans of ……green beans.  I’m ashamed..or am I?. 

Milk that is right down the middle of the road at 2%.  Is that healthy or not???  Who knows. 

Pasta that is not whole wheat.  Bread is whole wheat but not with nuts inside (don’t like sunflower seeds in my bread).  

Cereal includes Bran Flakes (plain), that even the kids will eat, and Grape-Nuts but Frosted Corn Flakes (generic of course) for a treat cereal is present an accounted for. 

I bought one frozen lunch meal for my son, that contained a corn-dog and some fake looking dessert.  I still feel guilty over buying something so artificial (but it sure was cheap and easy).

Who would be thinking as much as I do at the store?  Anyone???  OK, I think way too much!!!

So on the scale of Bulgar (Wheat) to Banquet where do you fall?

Have a Somewhat Healthy Day!

Debbie aka The Real World Martha (S)