Let’s Give Back –

Do you know your child’s Sunday School Teachers (Youth Pastor)?  You may or may not know them very well (or maybe you do) but they do know your child.  They can provide much information and they are an asset to your child’s spiritual development!  And they are servants!

A good way to remember to touch base with your child’s Sunday school teacher is at the same time they have school parent teacher conferences .  If your child is older a call/meeting to the youth minister can prove valuable.  If your child is young or you home school, put a time on the calendar or there’s nothing like the present.  This will give you a chance to see if your child or the teacher has any issues.

How about serving the teachers by assisting in the class, doing prep work (cutting out things) at home for them, give a thank you card, and/or invite them over for dinner to thank them for their time!

Remember these are people who volunteer their time and it’s so nice for them to receive a little back for all their dedication.

Thanks to all those who teach!