Thursday is whatever I feel like day and since my resolution is to work on knowing more about blogging I want to explore comments on blogs today.   So if you are not one that normally comments on blogs you will have to get over it today my friend 🙂

I want need to know what makes you comment (or not) on a blog. 

Do you only comment on blogs you read often?  

Ones that you are trying to get to view your blog?  

What about the ones that do contests?

Ones that trigger deep feelings?

If you have time?

People you would like to be blogging friends with?

What makes it worth your time?


Please post your comment, if you think it’s worth your time, to share with the class what makes you stop in your tracks and send a message to the writer.

I have a dream, not that deep, to one day blog my way to a year long RV United States Tour with my family.  Maybe you will help me do that.  Someday!  Wouldn’t that be so cool?