Wow!  You guys are terrific!  Thanks for such great feedback yesterday on why you comment on blogs!

Friday’s are “green” days around these parts (a little old west Arizona for you).  I usually have a topic of either money or being “green”.  But at last another green item has come to mind…yards (or gardening too).  So this post today is loosely based on the theme of green as it took place in the yard 🙂  Hey, it’s my blog and I can do what I want. 🙂

I am sure our family is not the only ones that have a problem of  footballs, soccer balls, baseballs,  etc. going over the fence.  I finally had it as I think our neighbors are about ready to put a net up around the fence to avoid all the thrown balls into their yards.  Or wait.  Is that my neighbor putting up a For Sale sign in my yard?  I came up with a solution and  it’s hard to know if I am a brilliant Mom for coming up with such a great idea or a Mom that her children will need to go to counseling for this idea.  But was it such a great idea after all, you will have to read to see.

One day my little one looked like he was purposely trying to get a ball over.  Maybe not……..oh, wait there it went!  “OK, that’s it” I said!

I took him inside and tried to keep my cool.  I thought for a minute and said that the ball is now his brother’s (as it as his soccer ball).  From now on he would have to ask permission to play with it.  If brother gets it over the fence then it would then become his.  I don’t want to put the brothers against each other but my poor neighbor (one in particular) is tired of all the balls, and I don’t blame them.  It is too often they go over.

A few less balls have been going over although a couple of days ago it looked like little one was trying to get a football over the wall. 

Well this took place about a week ago, and I just found out that the soccer ball did go over the wall and it hasn’t been thrown back yet.  Of course the little one wanted me to know right away as it is now his again.  I guess no counseling is needed because they just want to play the game. 

What do you do?