How’s that for a conspiracy type title?  What I am referring to is media overload.  I think so much of our culture is so dependent upon media that it limits who we are.  This of course can be the TV but any media in excess can be harmful (in my opinion). 

I purchase old magazines (a few months back) from the library that they no longer use.  Sometimes I can pick up a few good ones at Goodwill as well.  These are just normal everyday women magazines that have some helpful info.  At the same time I realized just a little TV and these magazines have my self esteem in a whirlwind.  I felt pretty happy until I started reading these.  All of a sudden my wardrobe, weight, makeup, shoes, purse, parenting, cooking abilities, etc were not adequate.  Not to mention my house is totally in need of a makeover!  I know this is not their intention, but I do believe you can get too much information.  And the messages portrayed in the media can often be that we are not good enough the way we are.

I believe, especially women , need to be careful about how much media we consume.  Of course we need to be the best we can be but the media, in all it’s forms, is not the only form to learn this.  Why not find a mentor?  What about talking with you neighbors?  Being more active in Church?  Volunteering?

Just a thought for a healthier me and maybe you 🙂