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100 Things you can make yourself

by Deborah Ng on August 15th, 2007

Convenience is certainly…well…convenient. Take a trip to just about any type of store and notice how everything is packaged and prepared. It seems the more we advance, the more stuff is done for us. I don’t mind letting someone else do all the work for me, the problem is of course, that convenience is expensive and we’re getting really lazy. I started thinking about all the things we can make ourselves if we put forth a little effort and found lots of cool instructions online.

My fellow cheapskates, I give you:

100 Things You can Make Yourself


  1. Applesauce
  2. Spaghetti sauce
  3. Barbecue sauce
  4. Maple syrup
  5. Jelly
  6. Peanut butter
  7. Mayonnaise
  8. Bacon
  9. Guacamole
  10. Pesto
  11. Salsa
  12. Mango salsa
  13. Vanilla extract
  14. Hummus
  15. Coffee
  16. Tofu
  17. Gravy
  18. Chocolate kisses
  19. Wedding cake
  20. Stuffing
  21. Rootbeer
  22. Ginger Ale
  23. Pancake mix
  24. Pudding pops
  25. Ice cream
  26. Chicken Nuggets
  27. Pizza
  28. Pasta
  29. Pickles
  30. Wine
  31. Beer
  32. Whiskey
  33. Dog treats
  34. Playdough
  35. Fingerpaint
  36. Bubbles
  37. Books
  38. Laundry detergent
  39. All purpose household cleaner
  40. Soap
  41. Shampoo
  42. Hair conditioner
  43. Moisturizer
  44. Mouthwash
  45. Baskets
  46. Incense
  47. Paper
  48. Rubber stamps
  49. Jewelry
  50. Curtains
  51. Rugs
  52. Candles
  53. Camera
  54. CD Cases
  55. Bookshelves
  56. Couches
  57. Tables
  58. Stool
  59. Sweater
  60. Skirt
  61. Poncho
  62. Coat
  63. Blouse
  64. Shorts
  65. Gloves
  66. Socks
  67. Tree fort
  68. Back yard shed
  69. Gazebo
  70. Windmill
  71. Birdhouse
  72. Compost
  73. Biodiesel
  74. Solar power generator
  75. House
  76. Snowshoes
  77. Sun clock
  78. Bread
  79. Potato chips
  80. Pretzels
  81. Donuts
  82. Sausages
  83. Bagels
  84. A pinata
  85. Crayons
  86. Gnocchi
  87. A guitar
  88. 4th of July sparklers
  89. A lava lamp
  90. Tortillas
  91. Kimchi
  92. A hula hoop
  93. A loofah
  94. Cheese
  95. 3D glasses
  96. A Kite
  97. An igloo
  98. Modeling clay
  99. Crossword puzzles
  100. Cuff links

Check it out!


I am an informationaholic!!!!  Have I said that before?  Well it’s true!  I am addicted and was in need of help.  I had to find a local Information Anonymous (IA) Chapter.  Here’s a bit of what took place.  I must worn you there are graphic pictures.

“Hello, my name is Debbie”  

 “Hi, Debbie” 

She continues on “and I love to collect information and enter it on (ashamed face) index cards.” 

Slide show starts of the Channel 29 News Bulletin when the house was raided…

img_4121.jpg                    img_4123.jpg  


You could hear a pin drop.  The pictures were damaging for sure.  You could see the pain and hurt.  All those attending could sympathize with her situation as they had been there before.  Little did they know what shocking secrets were still ahead that evening.

Through tears she manages to continue on.  “It was awful the day they came and found the goods!  I thought what am I going to do when Christmas comes and I want to do homemade gifts?  Where will all my ideas be?  Recycling ideas,  cooking tips, and what about if I wanted to try a new fruit facial?  Not to mention the chemical free cleaning ideas.  Noooooooooooo, I plead with the agents as they cart it away.

She continues with her storyconfession, “Thankfully the agents didn’t see the accordion folder containing all my travel information on every state.  They also didn’t know about the files on local restaurants.  The family folder that contains ideas and coupons for fun family events.  Shopping coupon organizer.  The business idea folder.  The home improvement binder.  Not to mention all the files on holidays.” 

She realized that she may have said too much by the reactions of those seated in front of her.  “Please do not send the authorities.  I promise I will turn a new leaf.  I will keep what I have and not add anymore…I promise!!!”

Everyone looks around the room to each other.  They all silently know that she is not ready to commit to being well.  She is still in way to deep and not ready to give up her addiction.  They know that extreme measures will be necessary.  An intervention may be the only thing that can save her!

“Debbie, we believe that you are not well.  You can’t get help if you are still holding onto all those files.  We must demand that you give them to us at once.  We are your friends!”

“But we just met.  This was my first meeting.”

“We want to help you.  Please give us the files or we will be forced to bring in others from the outside.”  They all knew what that meant.

“I don’t think I can do that.  All of them?  Not my holiday open house file?  But St. Patrick’s Day is coming up what will I do?  What about the crafts for the children.  Think of the children!!!!!”  she begs.

“You will have to do without for now.  You can get ideas from others but you must not write them down.  But we really think a break is what you need to come clean.”

“This is too extreme!!!!  I don’t think I have the strength.”

The situation was tense to say the least.  Everyone knew what needed to be done.  The authorities are brought in and she is forced to an Information Detoxic Center for an undisclosed amount of time.  No Internet, magazines, books, or index cards.  It’s been heard that she wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat trying to write ideas on her sheets with a lip liner.  There may be no hope!

For those of you who read our issue the other day and deciding to home school our oldest or not we have had some good news.  But first let me add that we talked to the friend’s Mom and we all agreed that the boys were grounded from talking on the phone and hanging out.  We also learned that the boy has recently received a step father and has just finished anger classes.  So we weren’t sure how this was going to go on Monday but our oldest came home happy both Monday and Tuesday.

He almost seemed relieved to not have to be friends with this boy right now.  We didn’t tell them they couldn’t be friends but the other boy is mad at him and says he never wanted to be friends with him.  Our son found another boy to play with immediately and they seem to be getting along VERY well!  We don’t know too much about him but he lives very close and just recently moved in.  We are going to be working on getting to know that family.

Our oldest has assigned seats on the bus and had to sit with the other boy so he talked with the bus driver and asked to switch seats.  I was so proud of him to take this measure.  He now sits with someone he has known since he was 5.  She is a girl but at least they know each other really well and there shouldn’t be an issue with the seating arrangement for the rest of this year.

Some wonderful things that have come out of this situation is:

  • He has taken control over a bad situation on the bus.
  • He has made a new friend very quickly and seems happy and relieved to be free of a situation that may not have been good for him.
  • He looks as if a weight has been lifted from him.
  • Since he was able to finally confide in us about the swearing issue he was able to know that communication is open and that he can come to us with issues he is struggling with.

We still don’t know what next year will bring and are still praying about the possible home school idea but at least there is wonderful things coming out of this. 

Thanks for all those that lifted him (us) in prayer!!!!!  Much appreciated!


Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

Have you seen the segment on, I believe, 20/20 that asks “What would you do?”.  It’s where they put people in moral situations to see what choice they would make in a difficult situation.  Almost like would they do the “right” thing.  It’s very interesting and uncovers real feelings that people try to hide like prejudice.

 As I was thinking about the segment I truly people really do want you to step up for what you believe.  Of course, they are only presenting PC scenarios that they believe everyone should follow but nonetheless there is respect for someone who stands up and says this is wrong.  And many of these scenarios like littering, reporting abuse, and prejudice use to be acceptable until a minority stood-up to say it’s wrong!

So often we worry about sharing our views and opinions as it may not be acceptable to others.  But if done right (honey vs vinegar) I believe people respect you for it. 

Here are a few thoughts I have about standing up for your beliefs.  Please feel free to comment and add yours.

  • Remember to pick your battles.  There are many injustices but you may only be called to be directly involved with one or two.  Most of the time they are ones that you have a direct connection to (ie. you have been directly affected by abortions so you are involved with this subject).
  • Find ways to stand up but be willing to compromise as victories don’t happen all at once.
  • Be passionate but respectful of others (I think Jesus was a great example of that.)
  • Pray for God’s guidance on leading you through it!!!
  • Gather with others who are passionate about it as well so that you can encourage one another.

Here’s to standing up for yourself and your beliefs.  I really believe others will respect you (even if they disagree) but more importantly you will respect yourself!

Have a “Stand Up” kind of Day!

I don’t usually go too far into the homeschool topic as my goal was to get my little one back into the school system as my oldest currently is.  I have toyed with the idea of homeschooling my oldest as  the education in Arizona is not rated high at all. For example, in 5 th grade he watches movies every half day and several times in music class.  He rarely has homework.  He hasn’t even had a book report!  But as he gets older I have not been confident homeschooling is the best option either.  At times he seems happy at school and then really upset at times.  He is somewhat of a “drama king” so it’s hard to know what school is really like.  And the teacher has a limited perspective since they aren’t on the playground.

He is a very handsome boy that is extremely smart and funny.  But coming from a parent it doesn’t mean much and the school environment finds anything to tease about.  They have teased him about his nostrils for goodness sake!  A few kids got on the bandwagon of saying that they are more triangular than round.  I don’t think any other human being would have ever even thought that EVER, but kids did.  It hurts him and he is not very resilient.  But I wasn’t either at that age.

What started all this thoughts of homeschooling again is that yesterday he and his friend got into some trouble that I don’t think either one anticipated the outcome or consequences, but it could have gotten out of hand real quick like.  They wanted to go on adventure with backpacks packed and sneaking out.  It was more spy and camping oriented than anything else but it still was about sneaking out of the house.  He was out of the house with bag packed and over at his friends.  Friends parents weren’t there but thankfully friend didn’t answer the knock on his window so he came home.  This friend I believed, planned it and my son went along with it.  This friend, when he is over, can be bossy and uses physical measures on my son.  The friend doesn’t have a lot of other friends and there is some control over my son having others (from what I understand).

When we talk to him about how he feels and what is going on in his life he talks about teasing, bullying, and girl pressure (to have a girlfriend).  He feels that no girls will or have ever liked him.  Valentines day is always a huge disappointment.  He came home on Valentines day very upset and said that this is the 4th year in a row that someone didn’t give him a personal Valentines Day card.  (They all have to give the store bought ones to each other but they can buy ones at school for their friends.)

He also has trouble with the constant foul language used.  He say it hurts him to hear it but now he is tempted with it.  He said it’s like “poison in my heart”.  He is having trouble avoiding the temptation and has guilt over it.  We tell him we understand and that we are not surprised.  We don’t like it but we get the temptation.  He still has lots of guilt over it so we pray and he prays.

Even though he is almost always the oldest in his class he seems to let everyone boss him around.  He acts like a puppet.  At the same time he doesn’t pick his battles and can get on other kids sometimes about things they do wrong.  He can be a first born perfectionist.  We talk and work with him on his self esteem and bullying.  He have done mock bullying for him to practice how to stand up for himself in a Godly way.  We have worked on building his confidence, praying to God for help,  and doing his devotions in the morning.  But when you are at school for a good part of your day it wears you down.  Like a person who is at a job with a boss that is critical all day long.  At the end of the day you are worn out.  As adults we may have more resilience, words, and maturity to handle the situation.  How can kids do it?

I know for me and my husband schooling (except for me at college) was NOT an enjoyable experience!!!  I would not want to go back and there are still scars from the hurt.  I of course have let things go but it’s apart of who you are.  God can turn it into a blessing, but I don’t think it’s God’s original design.  So I think does it just go away.  Are kids better off for having gone through it?  Of course you learn from it but are you equipped to handle it?

The last part of my son’s story is that he has been to three different schools since 1st grade.  Now for some parts of the country (or generations) this may seem like a lot, but it’s more common here.  In first grade he went to a really good academic school but he received detention virtually everyday for his energy level.  He is very active and this is the strictness school I have ever seen.  We sent to another charter for second, third, and forth and the academics were not as good but it seemed to be a better fit with more arts and dealing with his level of activeness.  As the years went on the academics seemed to slide but this is not why we changed schools. 

We actually moved him this year as my little one started out at a school near our home that we thought would be a good match for him and his special needs.  The kids were on two different schedules.  Two different PTA’s, spring breaks, “Christmas” break, and two different start and end times.  It was exhausting.  Before we pulled the little one for home-schooling we transferred our oldest to the local public school as the neighborhood kids went there and he wanted to go to school with them.  This put us on the same calendar and the bus for one would make it easier on pick up.

So now we don’t know what to do.  Should we pull our oldest next year to home school?  Are we just running away from problems?  What if we homeschool; at what point do they go back mainstream?  What if it doesn’t work and we all start to go crazy with each other? 

Of course I know that many people in public schools will say stay as he needs to learn how to deal with this.  Home schooling families will say homeschool.  I would like to go beyond just a general statement and figure out the best option for us.  We are praying and don’t want to make a snap decision. 

So that’s the story got anything for me?

Today I was thinking about how often we are given opportunities to compliment someone but we may not do it.  Sometimes we may feel uncomfortable or not sure if they may care.  We may even feel jealous about it so we don’t say anything.  So my challenge is to compliment at least three people today. 

Have you ever felt like you think you may do something pretty good but aren’t confident?  You may start to doubt if you really can do it as no one else may say anything.  At the same time people may be thinking that you already know you are good at something so they don’t need to tell you.  Of course, sometimes compliments go to people’s head but that usually doesn’t happen to someone secure with themselves.  People that are insecure pump themselves up to put others down.  Secure people have humility with their God given gift.  Plus are we responsible with what they do with the compliment or are they?

Just think you may even help someone to discover what their gifts are.  How many times do you hear about a teacher who helped foster a gift a child possessed.  Without that teacher the child may not have understood what they had and could do with that.  Anyone can benefit from a compliment.  We are always growing and changing and God gave us the ability to help build each other up.

As you extend this kindness to others they may reciprocate and let you know about your gifts as well.  It will be a regular love fest 🙂

So what do you think?  Do you want to try it?  Find three people today to compliment.  Start with your family and don’t forget those that live outside your home and those that are far away.  You can write a letter or email to someone with their compliment.  Be specific about it and be sincere with something very specific.  Think about how you feel when you do it.    Why not write a post about it?

If you do this, make sure to come back and share it with the class.

Have a kind day!

Ladies Only

My really good friend Kristine sent this to me.  I thought it was hysterical. 

One for the girls

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my shape to keep.

Please no wrinkles, Please no bags

And please lift my butt before it sags.

Please no age spots, Please no gray

And as for my belly, Please take it away.

Please keep me healthy, Please keep me young,

And thank you Dear Lord, For all that you’ve done.


Five tips for a woman…..

1. It is important that a man helps you around the house and has a job.

2. It is important that a man makes you laugh.

3. It is important to find a man you can count on and doesn’t lie to You.

4. It is important that a man loves you and spoils you.

5. It is important that these four men don’t know each other.
Foot Note:

One saggy boob said to the other saggy boob:

“If we don’t get some support soon, people will think we’re nuts.” 

 I hope no one is offended I just thought it was too funny! 

Have a funny day!

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