I think, if you have been reading this blog, that we can all agree that I need some help!  🙂 If you were on the border of this subject I will submit the final proof.  Although, there will be nails to this coffin in many posts to come.

I went to the grocery store to do a little shopping.  I have purchased reusable bags to pack my items in so that I won’t use plastic bags.  Somehow they don’t always make it with me.  I hate that about myself.  Why can’t I remember these stupid bags?  Well I had enough.

After I had a cart full of items I remembered my empty-lonely bags out in the car.  “You forgot me again!” they said.  I didn’t want to leave my cart and go out and get them, which is what I usually do when my family is with me but this was a one women show,  so I asked the self check out worker if I could just put the items on the scale and not use the bags.  And she agreed. 

If you are not familiar with these self checkouts, it is a small scale that you must put every item on or you will stop the checkout process from happening and the worker will have to come over.  I usually don’t like these, but since I was choosing to be a difficult customer I decided to not inflict this on a cashier or the one who bags them up as they would be forced to violently throwing the items into the cart instead of a bag.

Shortly into it, I realized I had more items than was going to work for this process.  There was no turning back now though.  The scale was getting smaller and smaller and there was no place else to put these items.  I was getting good at balancing by the end.  “Opps!  Watch those eggs!!!!!”

Now at the beginning of this adventure the store was desolate, as I did this at an off time, and there was no one in line at the checkout.  By the time I was done there was a small line forming and I think a major gossip session happening.  “What are you looking at buddy!  This isn’t a free freak show.  I am trying to make a good choice here, OK, OK!”

I proceeded to pack my single, bag-less, items back in the cart so I can take them to the car to pack them in the bags there.  I rolled up the cart full of items, that look stolen, toward the car.  Thankfully no security guards stopped me.  I grabbed the bags and started packing.  Now the benefit to this is that you pack your groceries the way you want.  Refrigerated items with refrigerated items, no bruised fruit, and such.  But I have to admit I was exhausted by the process.

Do I deserve a green award or a crazy award? 

Here’s a green tip:

Buy the reusable bags and take them INTO the store with you!  Really, you do feel much better when you use them.  If not, make sure to recycle the plastic bags.