We has an AWESOME SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!  Sandwiches, chili, and peanut butter cookies (yummy recipe from American’s test kitchen!!)!


Recently I had a headache and so dinner was not on the “menu” that night.  We went to the drive-thru at Taco Bell (I’m ashamed..kinda).  We decided to take our big kitty with us.  He is quite large.  I think he is a quarterback on the Kitty Football Team.  “Go Wildcats!” 

So as my kids were talking about him being on the fat large side my little one said “He’s like a 100 pounds.”.  My oldest said “No, we aren’t even a 100 pounds.”  My little one said “no one is”.  Oldest replied “Yes, I think Dad is almost 180 and Mom like 120”.  Now I wasn’t about to argue with him.  He then had to ruin the moment and ask “right Mom?”  Now I can’t lie but I don’t have to be forth coming about the details, do I?  So I told him I fall somewhere in between and added “Mom’s weight is between her and God”.  He turned to little one and said “I think it’s 130.”  Now he is 11 and smooth talking is being learned daily so I don’t know if he was trying to butter me up or not but come to think of it he did end up with dessert that night.  Did I just get played?


I got tagged by Some of these you may have heard some you may not have (sorry for any repeats I may not be that exciting after-all) OK-first the rules:

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My seven things…hhmmmm

1. I don’t like Chocolate

2. I use to wear black nail polish and listen to heavy metal during my young teenage years!

3. I sing just about everywhere and make up songs.  I also have “Spider Pig” in my head lately!  Didn’t see the movie but the commercial got lodged in my head – unfotunately for my family!

4. I want to travel in a RV for a year with my family.  I have of huge file, broken down by each state, that has all the places to visit!  I talk like I ‘m going to be doing this.  I tell my hubby “If we were living in an RV for a year would we keep that?”

5.I am an informationaholic!  REALLY!    And don’t take me to the library.

6. I have a restaurant organizer (separated by types of food Italian, Mexican, etc).  I keep any recommendations of places that have been highly recommended in there.  If we are out and about I can pull that out and we can eat somewhere yummy (not expensive but yummy)!  If you come to Phoenix let me know and I will hook you up with some great food!

7.  I dream constantly!  Not all good dreams too!

Now…who to tag….YOU are it!



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