I really love to use my blog as a way to write, have fun, meet others (since I am in the house so much), and laugh!  I will only recommend a product if I enjoy it and try not to put too much of that on here.

Recently I found information on putting up your own Lemonade Stand.  I was curious since I love lemonade stands and the memories of them.  Basically you look through the products and see if you would recommend them and add them and put them up on your blog.  These are either products I own or would like to.

I put it up on the blogspot site in case your curious http://realworldmartha.blogspot.com/.  You may want to put it up on your own blog.  If you do I would recommend searching for items that you like books, kids clothes, clothing, food, etc as there are a ton of products www.lemonade.com.

Grab a lemonade today!