It’s No Theme Thursday…so hang on 🙂

Between me and my husband I am more loud (not real loud just louder than him).  I still have a shy side that I have worked to overcome, but I have come from a large family where you have to get your voice heard one way or another.   Also, I was the only girl of 5 and the baby at that.  Plus I am a GIRL.  We have lots to say (most of us).

My hubby came from a small family all the way around.  He is one of two kids.  His Dad is one of two to which his sister, hubby’s only Aunt, didn’t have any children.  My hubby’s Mom is an only child.  He has no cousins!  On the other hand, I could pass by some of my cousins and not even know them I have so many.   His family is a little more reserved, in comparison to mine, and  I absolutely adore his family and mine.  They are just different.

So where am I going with all this….

I have always been aware that my hubby is more flexible and also more willing to bend on some issues than I am at times.  I have been aware that I need to be careful not to take advantage of this.  I realize that he could stuff all of it down and become a volcano somewhere down the road.  I do believe I have a big heart with lots of compassion so I really try to be mindful, most days, of my personality.  I love my hubby and want to be the couple on the porch in our rockers (not off our rockers…well maybe that too) talking about the good ol’ days. 

Others, like relatives, know my, at times,  stronger personality.  I can remember we paid for a family meal one time and a question arose if we were sure we can do it and I said “The boss said so.”  as in my hubby.  They came back with implied  “Yeah, right he’s the boss.”  I always thought about that because my hubby does have a voice, it’s small but mighty.  I think of it as I am the manager, he’s the owner. 

I use to feel guilty that I have a more “leader type” personality.  It seems contrary to some Christian teaching that a woman has leadership abilities.  Over the years I have come to realize that God has given each of us gifts and it’s up to us to use them properly.  Again, I have to watch my lines.  At the same time he has to watch that he doesn’t rely on me to make sure he stands up for himself and not me for him ( like a co-dependency thing).

Lately, through some circumstances that have come up, I am becoming increasingly aware of the power of that small voice.  God tells us that He comes to us in a “still, small voice” and there is HUGE power in that right?  I have realized that in some ways it can be more powerful than my bossing around.  If my hubby makes the slightest hint of something he doesn’t like I want to move mountains to make sure it’s taken care of or whatever.  When he says he doesn’t like something I know he means business whereas I might say tons of things (half I really mean) and others may not take me as seriously.

So I think I have a lot to learn from this small voice.  And be careful who you think the boss is because it just might be the quiet one.  That’s effective leadership.

Have a quiet day…shhhhh!