Good Morning..Good Mooorning..It’s time to get a bloooging..Good Mornin…Good Mooorning to You! 🙂

I know not everyone agrees on the whole environment issue.  Some people believe in global warming and some do not (not here to debate that issue).  All I know is that God has given me things, and I need to make the best use of those resources. 

I have to say that recycling is usually my last choice because it involves using energy as well.  I much prefer reducing and reusing if I can.  Am I terrific at it, probably not, but I am trying.

No matter where you stand on this issue I hope that you will consider making a few choices that will honor Him with your possessions.  It also, as you can see with the list below, benefits others as well and what’s not to like about that?  Here are a few thoughts.  It’s also saves the other me the money! 

As always I would love to here any other ideas that you have.

  • Recycle printer ink cartridges – Almost all office supply stores take them.
  • Recycle old cell phones –
  • Use makeup that can be replenished
  • Computers – (giving computers to local schools or reusing parts)
  • Before you throw away the butter wrappers, keep them in a bag or container in your fridge.  The next time you need to butter a dish use these instead.
  • Donate old usable coats to – www.
  • Join your local Freecycle group
  • Paint with low VOC
  • Recycle Eyeglasses –
  • And my favorite…..Don’t forget about bringing friends together to swap items kids clothes, adult clothing, household items, media (books, videos, music), kitchen items, etc

I didn’t want to put too many things out there so it becomes overwhelming and not usable.  Hope you will share any tips you have.

P.S. Here is a blog I subscribe to and really enjoy the info:

Have a “Green” day!