Well I have been under the weather so I haven’t been getting around to writing anything.  I’m sure the world got along without me somehow 🙂

And now for your entertainment….

 I also didn’t have use of my computer for 2 days.  I last used my computer laying down on the couch using the battery.  The battery went dead on me so I went to plug it in (remember I wasn’t feeling well!!!!!).  Sometime later I tried to turn it on.  Nothing!  Not good.  I have two part time (work at home) jobs and need my email.  I thought well people get ill so I am sure if anything has come up people will understand.  I also wasn’t ready for the expensive of trying to fix this.

I didn’t really want to deal with it but the longer it went on the longer I felt a little pressure of getting this resolved (or computer addiction you make the call).  I unplugged everything and replugged it in.  NOTHING!  Getting a little worried now am I (as Yoda would say).

I finally called my hubby and explained everything that had happened.  He also had me unplug everything and try again.  NOTHING!  I tried every plug and even tried to plug it into another outlet.  NOTHING!  He sounded concerned…again, not good!  I finally told him, since I wasn’t feeling well (please remember this fact for the end of this story), that I would have to wait for him to get home.  Now you start to think what are we going to do if this is some big thing.

As I am sure you have guessed the computer is just fine.  I just put the plug into the computer into the wrong spot over and over again!  I even tried turning it around at one point and still didn’t get the fact that it wasn’t in the wrong place.  This is even more funny because I unplug this computer and take it on my job with me when I do shows at people’s houses.  It must have been the medication.  Tylenol really can knock me out 🙂  I guess!

Hey, I can’t be the only one, right?