Today I was thinking about how often we are given opportunities to compliment someone but we may not do it.  Sometimes we may feel uncomfortable or not sure if they may care.  We may even feel jealous about it so we don’t say anything.  So my challenge is to compliment at least three people today. 

Have you ever felt like you think you may do something pretty good but aren’t confident?  You may start to doubt if you really can do it as no one else may say anything.  At the same time people may be thinking that you already know you are good at something so they don’t need to tell you.  Of course, sometimes compliments go to people’s head but that usually doesn’t happen to someone secure with themselves.  People that are insecure pump themselves up to put others down.  Secure people have humility with their God given gift.  Plus are we responsible with what they do with the compliment or are they?

Just think you may even help someone to discover what their gifts are.  How many times do you hear about a teacher who helped foster a gift a child possessed.  Without that teacher the child may not have understood what they had and could do with that.  Anyone can benefit from a compliment.  We are always growing and changing and God gave us the ability to help build each other up.

As you extend this kindness to others they may reciprocate and let you know about your gifts as well.  It will be a regular love fest 🙂

So what do you think?  Do you want to try it?  Find three people today to compliment.  Start with your family and don’t forget those that live outside your home and those that are far away.  You can write a letter or email to someone with their compliment.  Be specific about it and be sincere with something very specific.  Think about how you feel when you do it.    Why not write a post about it?

If you do this, make sure to come back and share it with the class.

Have a kind day!