Have you seen the segment on, I believe, 20/20 that asks “What would you do?”.  It’s where they put people in moral situations to see what choice they would make in a difficult situation.  Almost like would they do the “right” thing.  It’s very interesting and uncovers real feelings that people try to hide like prejudice.

 As I was thinking about the segment I truly people really do want you to step up for what you believe.  Of course, they are only presenting PC scenarios that they believe everyone should follow but nonetheless there is respect for someone who stands up and says this is wrong.  And many of these scenarios like littering, reporting abuse, and prejudice use to be acceptable until a minority stood-up to say it’s wrong!

So often we worry about sharing our views and opinions as it may not be acceptable to others.  But if done right (honey vs vinegar) I believe people respect you for it. 

Here are a few thoughts I have about standing up for your beliefs.  Please feel free to comment and add yours.

  • Remember to pick your battles.  There are many injustices but you may only be called to be directly involved with one or two.  Most of the time they are ones that you have a direct connection to (ie. you have been directly affected by abortions so you are involved with this subject).
  • Find ways to stand up but be willing to compromise as victories don’t happen all at once.
  • Be passionate but respectful of others (I think Jesus was a great example of that.)
  • Pray for God’s guidance on leading you through it!!!
  • Gather with others who are passionate about it as well so that you can encourage one another.

Here’s to standing up for yourself and your beliefs.  I really believe others will respect you (even if they disagree) but more importantly you will respect yourself!

Have a “Stand Up” kind of Day!