For those of you who read our issue the other day and deciding to home school our oldest or not we have had some good news.  But first let me add that we talked to the friend’s Mom and we all agreed that the boys were grounded from talking on the phone and hanging out.  We also learned that the boy has recently received a step father and has just finished anger classes.  So we weren’t sure how this was going to go on Monday but our oldest came home happy both Monday and Tuesday.

He almost seemed relieved to not have to be friends with this boy right now.  We didn’t tell them they couldn’t be friends but the other boy is mad at him and says he never wanted to be friends with him.  Our son found another boy to play with immediately and they seem to be getting along VERY well!  We don’t know too much about him but he lives very close and just recently moved in.  We are going to be working on getting to know that family.

Our oldest has assigned seats on the bus and had to sit with the other boy so he talked with the bus driver and asked to switch seats.  I was so proud of him to take this measure.  He now sits with someone he has known since he was 5.  She is a girl but at least they know each other really well and there shouldn’t be an issue with the seating arrangement for the rest of this year.

Some wonderful things that have come out of this situation is:

  • He has taken control over a bad situation on the bus.
  • He has made a new friend very quickly and seems happy and relieved to be free of a situation that may not have been good for him.
  • He looks as if a weight has been lifted from him.
  • Since he was able to finally confide in us about the swearing issue he was able to know that communication is open and that he can come to us with issues he is struggling with.

We still don’t know what next year will bring and are still praying about the possible home school idea but at least there is wonderful things coming out of this. 

Thanks for all those that lifted him (us) in prayer!!!!!  Much appreciated!


Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)