I am an informationaholic!!!!  Have I said that before?  Well it’s true!  I am addicted and was in need of help.  I had to find a local Information Anonymous (IA) Chapter.  Here’s a bit of what took place.  I must worn you there are graphic pictures.

“Hello, my name is Debbie”  

 “Hi, Debbie” 

She continues on “and I love to collect information and enter it on (ashamed face) index cards.” 

Slide show starts of the Channel 29 News Bulletin when the house was raided…

img_4121.jpg                    img_4123.jpg  


You could hear a pin drop.  The pictures were damaging for sure.  You could see the pain and hurt.  All those attending could sympathize with her situation as they had been there before.  Little did they know what shocking secrets were still ahead that evening.

Through tears she manages to continue on.  “It was awful the day they came and found the goods!  I thought what am I going to do when Christmas comes and I want to do homemade gifts?  Where will all my ideas be?  Recycling ideas,  cooking tips, and what about if I wanted to try a new fruit facial?  Not to mention the chemical free cleaning ideas.  Noooooooooooo, I plead with the agents as they cart it away.

She continues with her storyconfession, “Thankfully the agents didn’t see the accordion folder containing all my travel information on every state.  They also didn’t know about the files on local restaurants.  The family folder that contains ideas and coupons for fun family events.  Shopping coupon organizer.  The business idea folder.  The home improvement binder.  Not to mention all the files on holidays.” 

She realized that she may have said too much by the reactions of those seated in front of her.  “Please do not send the authorities.  I promise I will turn a new leaf.  I will keep what I have and not add anymore…I promise!!!”

Everyone looks around the room to each other.  They all silently know that she is not ready to commit to being well.  She is still in way to deep and not ready to give up her addiction.  They know that extreme measures will be necessary.  An intervention may be the only thing that can save her!

“Debbie, we believe that you are not well.  You can’t get help if you are still holding onto all those files.  We must demand that you give them to us at once.  We are your friends!”

“But we just met.  This was my first meeting.”

“We want to help you.  Please give us the files or we will be forced to bring in others from the outside.”  They all knew what that meant.

“I don’t think I can do that.  All of them?  Not my holiday open house file?  But St. Patrick’s Day is coming up what will I do?  What about the crafts for the children.  Think of the children!!!!!”  she begs.

“You will have to do without for now.  You can get ideas from others but you must not write them down.  But we really think a break is what you need to come clean.”

“This is too extreme!!!!  I don’t think I have the strength.”

The situation was tense to say the least.  Everyone knew what needed to be done.  The authorities are brought in and she is forced to an Information Detoxic Center for an undisclosed amount of time.  No Internet, magazines, books, or index cards.  It’s been heard that she wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat trying to write ideas on her sheets with a lip liner.  There may be no hope!