I found this project in a magazine, of course.  (As you can tell the information intervention didn’t work https://realworldmartha.wordpress.com/2008/02/28/one-persons-story-with-ia/

The boys built their roller coasters, airplanes, freeways, etc with bendy straws.  (Those are the best kind of straws aren’t they?)  The kids had a great time.


You can put each straw together at the ends and bend at the “bendy” part or you can also cut a slit in one straw and stuff another straw in the slit.  This really helps build in multiple directions.


(Poor little one and his head..watch out for that door!)


The boys combined their efforts for one large “whatchamacallit”.

After we did several building projects we had a straw fight.  There were straws everywhere.  One even ended up in the cat/dog water in the morning.  The kitten loved playing with the ones we didn’t find. 

Straw package – $1.00

Playing with the kids – Priceless

Have an “imagination” filled day!