Oh boy, is that a loaded question or what?

I heard a radio announcer talk about how when we ask for wisdom (but this can also apply to anything like patience, perseverance, etc) that we sometimes may think that it will be given to us completely and/or that we can fully obtain it all at once.  If we were to get it all at once the announcer posed the question that isn’t that idolatry?  Aren’t we then trying to be God like and never rely on God again? WOW idolatry! Hmmm

I thought this was a very interesting thought.  If we were to get it all at once we wouldn’t need to turn to God.  God DOES give us what we need at the time but not more as we might become as Satan did and think that we are equal to God.  And let’s face it don’t we already have enough control issues as it is?  God has complete control and sovereignty.  We will get enough to get us through but to also know that we need to still keep coming back to Him for more.  We don’t get all the water from the fountain at once do we?  No, we have to go back as needed.  We can’t store it all up like a camel, and we can’t store up God so that we will never need Him and become our own god.

So when I ask for to be a great Mom and I am a work in progress that is what God wants?  When I lack patience in a situation (provided I didn’t behave ungodly) I am where I need to be?  Maybe….???  Of course God wants me to grow and keep close to Him, but I am not going to do it without Him!

This principal reminds me of parenting.  (I think so many people come back to faith when they have children because they better understand the role of God in our lives.)  As a parent our child may ask for new clothes and we give them what they need for that time.  We don’t go to the store and buy clothes until they are 18.  Even though they will need clothes that long you wouldn’t do  it.  Styles and taste change, bodies grow differently, and they just don’t need all that stuff right now; it would be overwhelming.

Isn’t it awesome that God gives us just what we need to get through at that time?  All we need to do is stay home (close to God in prayer and His word), keep asking, and he will provide all our needs in His perfect time.

Have a “just what you need” kind of day!  🙂