Have you watched or are familiar with Oprah’s show “The Big Give”?  If you’re not it is a reality show competition that challenges the contestants to give to people in need that have been chosen.  For example, the first week the two person team was given $2500 and a picture of someone to help.  One person was a Mom of two little girls who’s husband had just been killed at work and afraid she was going to loose her home.  Another was a homeless Mom and her two teenage kids.  These were just a couple of the situations that they did on the first show.  I would highly recommend seeing it with your kids so they can see others in need and maybe get ideas on ways they can help.

So here’s my Big Give thought….do a “Big Give” with the tax money that is coming for most people in June (I believe).  When it was announced people were already spending the money.  Why not take some or all of that money and put it toward giving BIG?  See just how far you can take it.  We didn’t know it was coming before and there are SO MANY people in need.   Just look around your immediate community, and I don’t think you will have a problem finding someone that needs help.  So are you up for the challenge?

What if we could get this out to everyone we know and encourage them to “Give Big” as well?  Wouldn’t that be so AWESOME?  We could stimulate the economy and the HEARTS of people.  What could be better?  People can start thinking up ways now so that way when the money comes they are all set.

So here’s it is: 

  • Come up with a plan. 
  • Budget how much you want to do. 
  • Remember to not just give the money away but see how you can connect, spend the money on what’s needed, and use as many resources to make that money bigger. 
  • Get a team to work on the project together. 
  • Share the ” Big Tax Giveaway Challenge” with everyone. Send a email or post it on your blog.  Share it with your church, neighbors, friends, or organizations that you are involved with.

Let’s see how far we can get this.  I can’t wait to see what happens.  If you are a blogger, don’t forget to post about it if you do it.  And be sure to link back here for everyone to get motivated to be apart of this wonderful opportunity!

Have a “Give Big” kind of day!