Consider yourself pinched if your not wearing green! 🙂  My oldest and hubby forgot so I got two in so far this morning without leaving the house.  After pinching my oldest I forgot to put the green shirt on and went out of the room to talk to my oldest.  He didn’t catch me and I quickly remembered to change before he got me! 🙂

So we will be doing a few St. Patrick’s Day small crafts.  For those of you not familiar with St. Patrick here is some info from

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated to honor Saint Patrick, a missionary credited with converting the Irish to Christianity. It is believed that he was not even Irish. Some say he was born in either Scotland or in Roman Britain. When he was around 60 years old, St. Patrick traveled to Ireland and spread the Christian word.

You can go here: for more info and projects.

By the Way, have you seen the little girl singing The Lord’s Prayer?  She is two and it is so precious!  Check it out here:

And finally my friend Kendra is suppose to have her baby today.  I know she is not reading this as she is in the hospital but many blessings to her and her family!!!  I guess you can tell it will be a little girl.

Have a “Green” Day!