I don’t track too much of how people come to my blog and such.  I am still too green for all that.  But I have peaked into the search engine terms that people use that get them here and here are my recent favorites:

1) Aluminum Cans Cancer Coke – I believe this one came via my post https://realworldmartha.wordpress.com/2008/02/21/water-vs-coke/  I thought it was interesting as it opens up a whole new cancer scare for me.  Are the aluminum cans bad too?  AUGHH!

2) Car to Match my Personality- I think this one matched because of the lipstick personality chart I posted https://realworldmartha.wordpress.com/2008/02/02/what-your-lipstick-says-about-youlipstick-personality-chart/  but maybe I need to do one on cars as well.  Let’s see what would a mini-van say about you?  HELLO!!!

3) Boss the Power– I have no idea what this matched on mine but maybe this person was looking for an assertiveness training guru.?.?  Didn’t find one here but hope they found something to read that was fun or useful.

4) Chapstick Personality– Ok, is it just me or is chapstick flat and colorless?

5) ‘Did it ever occur to you that the only – Only what????  Why did it have to stop there?  I guess we will all have to finish this with our own thoughts.

6) Homemade Igloo Art Project – I just thought this was fun and assume they didn’t realize I am in Arizona where we don’t have a clue what an igloo would look like.  🙂

Have a “searching” kind of day!