Alright, I have a love/hate relationship with Garage Sales!  I guess more hate than love though.  It seems like a good idea and then you start it and think “What was I thinking?”

Arizona, in my opinion, is not the best city for yard sales.  Friday is a popular day here but you just never know.  I really try to be realistic about prices but people will bargain when something is even marked 25 cents.  I am thinking “Really, that extra 10 cents is going to help you buy what?”  I guess it will get them another peice of clothing at another exhausted person’s yard sale.

None the less I resolve myself to trying to get a few things sold.  I researched prices and put them even below that.  Not too much sold.  It can be disappointing as we were doing this for charity.  If you didn’t see my earlier post you can check it out here:  I was really wanting to do better but I have some people coming that I know could use the items and I will feel good if I can give them to someone I know needs them.

No real pics as I was busy getting everything setup and then waiting for people.  I really tried not to put too much energy and just bulked priced a lot of things like all clothes 25 cents.  But it still ends up to be work.  

So should I try one more day?  What do I put myself through this?  I have something wrong in my brain.  I guess it’s the optimistic side of me.  It will be better next time….yeah right (optimistic Debbie meets realistic Debbie)!

At least I  raised some money.  The monies that I did get will go to our child sponsorship.   Anything is better than nothing!


Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)