Since my name starts with D, I think it’s a very nice letter 🙂  Today’s D tip is on DECORATING.


Get back to nature in you home when decorating…

Take the items that around you and use them for decoration.  If you have pine cones use them as a display in a bowl on your table.  What about fruit.  A few pieces of the same fruit in a cylinder vase is beautiful.  Or you can use: cinnamon sticks, driftwood, seashells, herbs, rocks, wildflowers, ETC!!!!  It’s spring time.  Can you cut some flowers and bring them inside?

You can also make these choices when you want major changes in your home.  I remember hearing that darker flooring brings a feeling of being outdoors (like dirt).  Hey my kids must have known about that one for a long time 🙂  And painting the walls to resemble the outdoors brightens our moods.  Like light green (trees) or blue to match the sky.

Don’t forget about lighting, music, and aroma to get the feel of your home just right.  Use essential oils instead of store fragrances for a more natural scent in your home.  Or take leftover orange peels and some cloves and simmer them on a pot in the stove (with some water).

A few months ago I found a blog who was discussing how they couldn’t afford to go on vacation to the tropics all the time so they made their home look like paradise.  It was tropical all over.  They felt like they lived where they vacationed.  How cool is that?

So the next time you are making choices for decorating find a way to get back to nature in color, feeling, textures, etc!  Make your home a place where you can rest and be peaceful.  Why not since we spend so much time there right?

Have a “Decorated” Day!

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