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If you like to entertain or frequently have guests this may be the tip for you!

Take a fun little notebook, like this:

 Isn’t that a cute little book?  (Sorry for the bad pics.)

Now take a label maker (you must get one if you don’t have one!) and do your label.  If you don’t own one then just write a label with a white sticker and marker.

Now place your sticker on the cover and you are ready to start your own Entertaining book.  Who needs to buy one when you can make it yourself with everything you need, right?

 (again, sorry for the fuzzy pics)

So now what you ask?  I am so glad you asked.  You can take stickers and make tabs if you want for sections or you can just put paper clips on the top page of each section ( I LOVE COLORED PAPER CLIPS).  Like this:

For the sections you can include:

  • Ideas for entertaining that you have thought of, read about, or have heard of. 
  • Notes – This is a very important section in my opinion.  This is a place where you can put info such as Aunt Sally is allergic to fish or Cousin Pete likes to go to bed early and hates board games.  You can also do this with the friends that you have over like Trish loves fresh flowers and you can either have those as the center pieces at your party or make sure to give those as a hostess gift when you are invited to her home.
  • You could do a section for Neighborhood Events
  • Party Info like how much ice you need if you have a party of 8, info on proper setting of the table, ETC.
  • Another section could be a list of Phone Numbers of caterers, locations (like for children’s birthday parties, and party rentals.
  • And don’t forget about entertaining with your own Family.  Have a section of special events that could be just for your family.

Pick whatever sections work for you and get to writing your own entertaining book.  Who needs the experts?  We know are friends and family more than they do.

Have an “Entertaining” Day!

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