Now there is a letter that has a bad rap.  I think I need to do this post in red to get the full F affect!  But really F is not so bad.  It’s in Fun, Fabulous, and Free

My F tip for the day is on filing.  I have gone through many file systems and this is the one that I find has worked the best for me.

Take your main topics like Taxes, Banking, Utilities, Credit Cards, ETC.  Those are going to be your hanging file folders with the tabs.  Have all the tabs all on one side not staggered (i.e. the far right).

Now take the manila file folders.  Use the same tab side and same color folders (i.e.far left).  This will not be the same side tab as your hanging file folders.  This will be your sub categories under your main topics such as water, electric/gas, specific credit cards, etc.

An example would be to have the CREDIT CARD hanging file folder (tab on far right side as all tabs on hanging file folders).  In that would be manila folders with all you credit cards listed individually…Visa, Target, etc (tabs on the far left).  This makes it very easy to find a subject and then the individual category that you are looking for.

To be uniform, I like to use my label maker for the folders so that it is easy to see.

Here’s the big problem in paperwork…what stays and goes.  This isn’t always the funnest part but has to be done.  Once a year, usually in January, when I am getting all my tax papers together I have a shred day.  I purge all the papers that I kept for the year that I don’t need to hang on to.  Here is a great article from Consumer Reports on what to keep and what to get rid of…  If you have a paperwork issue, please look at this and start getting rid of things that you no longer need.

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Have a “Filing” Day!