My First Contest

I am so excited to share with you the prize for my first contest.  In case you don’t know already here is how you play….

  I am doing a series of posts on tips from A-Z.  If you link/ping back on your blog one of my A-Z tips posts I will enter you in my contest.  (If you don’t have a blog then just leave a comment that you don’t have a blog and I will enter you in the contest as well.)  Please make sure to comment that you linked that post.  After the Z tip I will draw for the prize.  And here is what you are playing for….

I found this place, Hick Chicks Soap Barn, on another blog and LOVE their products. I really like to support people who are making unique and/or homemade items. 

Products from scratch- no pre-made bases, no fillers. Handmade, old fashioned goat milk soaps made right in my kitchen. Natural body products without harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives,lovingly made in very small batches.

Here is their website:

If you win you will be able to choose one Lotion Bar (your choice of scent.)  LOVE THIS.  I have the Kumquet scent and it’s yummy!  It feels really good on the skin….OR…you can pick one of their whole bar soaps. 



A a lip butter in tube (again your choice of flavor).  I have the Jazzy Rasberry and I love it! 


Plus you will get a sample of one of their soaps……

So what do you think?  Worth playing for?  I think so.  I really love their products and think you will too.  If you win I will contact you to pick which flavors or scents that you would like.

So don’t forget to enter and pass it along for others to have a chance as well.  Come on, you passed kindergarten.  You can share can’t you?

Have a “Sharing” Day!