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I have listened to ParentTalk (Radio Program) back when my oldest was a baby and loved it.  Over the past few years, Randy Carlson-The Host, has really focused on Intentional Living.  I really believe that so often we get wrapped up in this and that AND what others want us to do that we don’t live intentionally with what God wants for us. 

I really can’t tell you just how much I have enjoyed this ministry and believe it can help so many people.  Randy Carlson is a educated counselor that gives very sound advise.  It’s like having a wonderful Dad on the radio.

Here is part of the website for you to check out if you want to live intentionally and are not currently doing so in one or more areas in your life  and who isn’t really?

You can go to the website and do the online Journey that they have:

Welcome to the Online Experience

The Intentional Journey will help you solve problems, make better decisions and reach for worthwhile goals with greater confidence.  You will push beyond good intentions to a better life in Christ through Intentional Living. Be sure to select the path that best fits your own intentional journey. 

“Life Goals” – to help you understand and think through your goals and dreams!

“Solve a Problem” – to help you get through difficult or challenging problems.

“Make a Decision” – to develop your ability to take on important or critical choices.

The above is just a snapshot of the start of the process so go over there and check it out :)When you go to the site it will walk you through those areas.

Also, here is an article that I saw on the site that I thought would be valuable in making decisions for Intentional living:

12 Questions to Ask Before Making and Important Decision by Randy Carlson

  1. The MISSION question: Does this decision support my life mission?
  2. The VISION question: Will this decision move me toward a life goal or toward solving a problem?
  3. The INTEGRITY question: Will this decision affect any commitment or vow I have made? 
  4. God’s REVEALED WORD question: Does the Bible speak to this decision or a potential consequence?
  5. The COMMON SENSE question: Do the results of this decision make sense?
  6. OTHERS FIRST question: How will others be effected by this decision?
  7. The LEGAL question: Is it legal?
  8. The COST question: What will this decision cost me?
  9. The MOTIVE question: What do I get out of this decision?
  10. The TIMING question: Is this the best time to make this decision?
  11. The KNOWLEDGE question: Do I have enough information to make this decision?
  12. The COMMITMENT question: Do I plan to commit to my decision?

I may or may not get to my tip tomorrow as I will be leaving.  When I come back I will resume my tips and maybe share some pics 🙂  Don’t forget my contest will keep going while I am out for a couple of days.  And if you are so inclined, please pray safety for my trip.

Have an “Intentional” Day!