Did you miss me????  🙂 

We had a nice time camping in Mexico.  Here are a few pics:

 (Sorry, I don’t tan..obviously!)

 The boys hitting the beach.

When\'s lunch? When’s lunch?

 Our oldest boggie boarding but the water was a bit cold.  It took him awhile to work up the nerve to go out in there.

 Our friends boat.  This was just after it got picked up after the waves tossed them overboard.  It was also funny because our little one was set to go on the “ride” and Mom intervened.  I didn’t have a good feeling about it and asked that he not go.  A few minutes later the boat was no match for the waves and had to be picked up.  Mothers intuition!

  The Family in town.

I will start back on my A-Z tips with K tomorrow.  Please remember the contest still continues.  Just link any of the A-Z tips on your blog and I will enter you in my first ever contest for some beauty products (see earlier post).

Have a “bueno” day!