Hmmm…Q????  I don’t quilt.  I don’t know anything about quails.  I am not a queen.  I have no tips on Quartz.  So what to do with Q for today’s tip?  How about a quote? 

I have talked, even just yesterday, about the minitry of Joyce Meyer’s.  I had the pleasure of attending a conference just recently and she said something that really struck me so I thought I would share it today.  Now if you are not familiar with Joyce she has a point blank way of speaking.  She doesn’t hold back and tells it like it is.  You are never left wondering what was she trying to get to.  That’s what I like about her.  You may not always agree but you know where she stands and I respect that.


“If you think you can’t be happy until all your circumstances are right, you will never be happy.”  This quote was from her website.  Now at the conference she said something likeIf you think that when your husband becomes a Godly Man in the home(i.e. decisions, etc) you will be happy..NO YOU WON’T ( I love the way she said it.).  Then you will be mad that you lost control.”  She gave several more examples of what we think will make us happy rarely does.  We have to choose happiness in our mind.

Do you have a story of something you thought would make you happy and it didn’t? 

Here’s her link if your are interested:

Have a “Happy” Day!

Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

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