Have you ever played that game?  It’s a fun game to do in the car.  To play you use the alphabet and go around naming things that one would take on a trip

“I’m going on a trip and I am taking an APPLE.”

The next person says “I’m going on a trip and I’m taking an APPLE and  BAGGAGE”
Until you get to Z.  This is a great memory game as well.

I thought that this was an appropriate game since I am doing my A-Z tips and today’s is T for travel.

If you are traveling this summer with your family get an autograph book that you can use as a souvenir.  Have everyone you meet sign it.  If you are going to visit relatives or friends make sure they sign it.  And encourage them to add more than their name.  If you are visiting National Parks have the Park Rangers add their name and why they love the Park you are visiting.  The kids can get anyone they meet to add their signature or comment.  You may even want your signers to add recommendations of places to visit or their favorite thing about where they live. 

This makes for a low cost project during the trip and a great keepsake afterwards.

Have a “Safe Travels” Day!

P.S. – Speaking of T…Time is running down for my first contest.  If you want to enter before I hit Z, link any of my A-Z tips on your blog and let me know about it.  I will enter you in for a terrific prize.  Check out what you will be playing for: