Today’s tip is on our undergarments.  I have to admit that I need this more than anyone else I know.  I just recently got rid of my nursing bras to which I got 11 years ago!!!  I still have underwear from my bridal shower (14 years ago).  Until recently I would wash them in the regular load.  It’s bad.  I need an intervention 🙂

I have been trying to improve on this area and have started using a lingerie bag for these items and washing them more delicately.

Here are some tips I have found.  I hope you find them useful!
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Wear & Care

Caring for Intimate Wear

Always follow the care label. For bras that require hand washing, use a cleaning product designed for delicate fabrics.

For machine-washable bras and panties, always attach hooks and eyes to prevent tangling and snagging. Then, place garments in a zippered lingerie bag.

Remember: harsh detergents are not only bad for bras, they may also cause irritated skin.

Don’t dry bras in a clothes dryer — this greatly decreases the lifespan of lingerie. Instead, air dry by draping across hooks or hangers.

Rotate, rotate, rotate — Give bras a day to “rest” to return to their original fit and to prolong elasticity.

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Have a “delicate” day!