Who me?  Yes, you.  Couldn’t be.  Then Who?

Today’s A-Z tip is Y for You.

This is an easy one but so easy to forget. 

So often we make lists of everything we need to do.  We also make lists, that keep us up at night, of everything we didn’t do.  How about writing a list of what went well or did get accomplished that day?  

Tonight write a list, try to get at least five, of things that did go well, got accomplished, God restrained you, mistakes avoided, happy moments, etc to focus on before you go to bed.  Thank God for all that He helped you with and end the day right.  Think of a time when you didn’t loose your temper and you usually do.  What about the time you didn’t want to clean a room but when it was done you felt accomplished?  Include everything you can think of and celebrate with God the accomplishments of the day.






What do you say?  Are you up for the challenge?

Disclaimer – Of course I realize it’s important for us to confess our sins and this is not to avoid doing such, but I think so much time is focused on what didn’t go well that our motivation goes south and then we are discouraged.  I think He wants us to realize the good that He does through us.  That in the end is what keeps us doing more for
his kingdom.

Can you believe tomorrow is the last day of the A-Z tips?  You won’t want to miss Z.  Of course that means my contest will be ending.  Tomorrow will be the last day you can enter.  To participate you will need to link any of my A-Z tips on your blog and let me know.  I will enter you.  I will draw soon so hurry up and link up.
Have a “Positive” Day!