I don’t know about other contests but this contest is on the up and up.  No jokers here…well maybe just one.

There’s one in every bunch (and a few more in my house!!).

My little one helped me draw a name for my A-Z tip Contest.

And he picked….

Kristin at http://www.troyerslovinglife.blogspot.com !!! 

Kristin here is what you will get..

You will be able to choose one Lotion Bar (your choice of scent.)  LOVE THIS.  I have the Kumquet scent and it’s yummy!  It feels really good on the skin….OR…you can pick one of their whole bar soaps. 



A a lip butter in tube (again your choice of flavor).  I have the Jazzy Rasberry and I love it! 


Plus you will get a sample of one of their soaps……

Thanks to everyone that participated.  I really appreciate all the support in this blogging adventure. 

Kristin – Don’t forget I will need your address and the scents you would like.

Have a “Contest Free” Day!