On Mother’s Day we all went to see the new movie Speed Racer.  Now we don’t get to the movie theater very often so when we do it’s a big deal.

 (picture from http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1808406004/info)

Here is our opinion:

The story line was a bit confusing for our children 11 and 7.  They had many questions afterwards.  This isn’t always bad as it provides plenty of teachable moments, but I think maybe there was a little too much that they didn’t get or couldn’t follow.  Of course they loved the action and cars but I think my older one really wanted to get more out of it then that. 

It was visually impressive, I thought.  I think they spent a lot of money on it and you could tell.  It was exciting and kept your attention.

The overall underlying morals were good.  The main character, Speed, was promised lots of money and career advances but he didn’t take it from the begining.  I thought it might be a story about him taking it and then realizing his mistake and coming back but he stuck with his family and what he thought was right from the begining.

Of course with any movie there was language that I think should have been avoided.  The little boy gave someone the finger and there were girls dressed inappropriately.  At one point I felt like my hubby and I were deciding if we were going to stay for the rest but it turned around with a decent story and less language (it seemed).  It would be so nice if people could use their imagination a little and leave all the extra junk out.  Do people really write companies and say “To Whom it May Concern,  I wish there were more curse words in kids movies.”?

Overall we thought 3 out of 5 apples.

On that note I have a riddle for you.  What vehicle can you spell the same backward and forward?

Have a “Speedy” Day!