(Under Contruction – We, as in my hubby, are working on a new pation roof.  Sorry for the mess and not the best picture.  This is the only recent one I have with both boys and no one else.)

It all started when my children would not stop asking, on Mother’s and Father’s Day, when Kids Day was.  They got tired of our standard answer of Everyday so Brother’s Day evolved.  June 1st was picked as this was about 1/2 way between each of their birthdays.

This is a celebration for the boys to appreciate the special relationship they have as brothers.  Did you ever realize that a sibling relationship is (traditionally) the longest relationship in your life?  You will, again in most cases, spend more time with them then anyone else in your life! 

Another reason we thought this would be a good idea is that my little one, who is adopted, usually would have an adoption day and that leaves the older one out.  Since our adoption went through close to this time frame it’s a way to celebrate the fact that he has been brought into our family and they each got a brother out of it.

The boys made cards for each other and purchased gifts (budget limit was $3 or under).  They will exchange gifts, we will play hard, maybe go swimming, go to church, and just have fun!!!

So pick up the phone and wish your brother or sister a “Happy Brother or Sister Day” and enjoy this special relationship!

Have a “Brotherly” Day!