….can you swim? – Author Unknown

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Swimming lessons for the boys (and a neighbor friend) start today.  I get to attend water aerobics at the same time 🙂 

We are very blessed to live close to a community pool.  We get to go every summer and take swim lessons for $6 every two weeks.   We are hoping one, or both, of the boys will take advantage of the swim teams at some point as that can lead into life guard positions as they get to working age.

Maybe someday we will be able to put in our own pool but for now we feel blessed to have this one so close to us.                          

Tip  Alert – It’s a sad reality, especially in our state, that children and pools (water) can have a deadly combination.  Make sure to check into swim lessons for your children if you, OR ANYONE YOU KNOW, HAS A POOL.  I have known situations where children have died at friends or relatives homes.  So keep your kids safe and get them lessons and watch them around water.                                    

For the ladies – Do you know that in most cases you purchase a swimsuit one size bigger than your normal size?  Go ahead and do it and if you don’t like the number on the tag, but see the suit fits great, just cut it out after you purchase it.  You will be much happier!

Have a “Swimming” Day!