Last night my hubby went to bed before I did.  He is up bright and early and works long days.  Since we are off of school (and on holiday -see earlier post) I am not up as early as he is.

I climb into bed at 11:30ish and didn’t want to wake him.  A few minutes later the cat meows.  She is very loud.  Next thing I know the Godzilla cat, who always sleeps in my oldest son’s room, is up on our bed!!!  “What are you doing here?”

He tries to settle in but I can tell that my hubby is now stirred.

I carry the “Godzilla” cat into our oldest son’s room and climb into bed.  Hubby rolls over and snuggles in tight

Meanwhile, back at the farm, the other cat (who does sleep with us me) is on the other side.  Hubby’s arm is tight on my right side, kitty’s paw on the left shoulder.  Okay!

I stare at the ceiling realizing I am not going to be moving for awhile.

“It’s kind of cold in here for it being Arizona and all.”  I think to myself.  “Hubby sure did a fine job with the swamp cooler.”

“It was hot today.”

“I wonder what happen to that redish shirt.”


Intermission for the 15 minute cat bath that I am not in a position to stop as my arm is pinned.

“You have got to be kidding!!!”

“I have got to be more positive about this!”

“Humm…this will make for a good blog if I can remember it.”

“Why is it that snores change sound?”

“I wonder what time it is.”

“Ok, my arm has now become numb.” 

I access the snores and believe hubby is out enough for me to make my move.

I slowly move my arm.  My back is too stiff to be going this slow.  “The water aerobics must be working.”

Cat starts meowing…”Will you stop already!!!”.

I moved around a tad and what do you know, I think I found an inch of space on the bed that I could have.

Cat thinks this is now time for her to climb on my tummy and get some attention.  “I don’t think so!” 

I take cat and put her back where she goes.  Now she doesn’t think so.   She moves.

“Where did she go now?” 

“Is she going to climb next to hubby?..That won’t work.”

The cat finally settles back in and hubby too, but I really am not comfortable.  I don’t know about you but it takes me a few minutes to get settled and that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

“Okay, should I get up and go write the blog, or watch a movie, or bake something?”

“No, stay put!”

Time is 12:20.  “Is that all?”

“Count to 100..count sheep,,count something!!!”

“Did the doors get locked?”

“So if I get up how will I not stir everyone?” 

“The cat will have to be moved.”, I answer my own question.

“No, go to sleep!”

“If I try to get up and pretend I am going to the bathroom maybe that will work.”

“If you get up the kitty will go with and then you will never get back in as she will meow again.”



“But what if you forget how this goes for your blog?”

“How can you have a conversation with yourself?”

“Did you ever notice that when you talk to yourself it seems like your mouth moves a little?”

“You know you are not going to sleep right now.  You are too worried about moving around and waking up hubby.”

“What’s that sound?”

“Okay, up to the bathroom you go.”

I get up and make a move to the bathroom.  I listen very carefully to the snore sounds to make sure it didn’t awake the hubby.  I tip toe into the bathroom and partially shut the door.  I listen.  He is still asleep..yeah!

Off to the office me and the kitty go.  Kitty comes up on my lap and I get blinded by the computer light.

It’s 1:27 am and I am not sure what to do now.

“Man it sure is dark in here.”

Now my legs are sore because kitty is resting on my lap and I am on the tips of my toes so she doesn’t slide down. 

“I can’t move the kitty.”  “She is so comfortable and happy.” 

“My back and feet are sore.” 

“Maybe I can pick her up gently and go over to the couch and she won’t stir too much.”

I think I need help!

Have a “Space Filled” Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Oops, sorry I fell asleep at the computer desk.) Day!