When we left off I was wondering what to do with the cat and myself at around 1:30 am.  I tried to pick the kitty up ever so gently and go to the sofa.  After I get there she takes off 

“Fine, be that way!”  I think is what I muttered.

I laid on the sofa for a few minutes and realized I can hear car sounds from the freeway nearby.  I don’t know why but I don’t like that sound.  Or maybe it was the fact that it isn’t the sounds I am use to.  Whatever it is I didn’t like it.

“It isn’t dark enough in this part of the house for me to sleep”, I think to myself.

As I lay on the sofa, for a few SECONDS, my mind continues to race.   

I get up and start to write, in our family notebooks where we write letters to each other, notes to everyone in the family.

“Don’t forget to plan the I Love You More” note for hubby.  See hubby and I have a little contest to see who can say I love you more for that day. 

Get up and find a note to write it and put it on the garage door for him to find in the morning.

It doesn’t stick to the door so now I need to find tape in the dark. 

“That’s what I get for getting these generic post-it’s.”  “Should have got the real thing, Debbie!”

“Am I yelling at myself?”

Then I wonder if I should start a draft with this newest part of the story.

“No, you think you have issues now, that would be ridiculous.  Stay off the computer!!!”

“Should I start some laundry?”

“No, go back to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are going to be too tired in the morning.”

Ok, I am going to sneak back in and see if I can get back into bed without waking hubby.

I start heading back and hear the snores.  I turn back around and go the other way.

“Just go back, you need the sleep!”

I tip toe my way back in and run into the corner of the wall.

“Who put that wall there?  I could have sworn it was a good foot the other way.”

I make it back into the room and gently climb back into bed.  Hubby is still sleeping so that’s good.

I still am not wanting to toss and turn to get comfortable so I lay and think some more…yippy!

I contemplate the evening and then it dawns on me…DIET COKE.

See I don’t drink coffee or tea.  I drink very little soda and when I do it’s caffeine free.  We went to a restaurant and they had Diet Coke -not caffeine free!!!!  I didn’t finish the soda there so I took it home with me.  I ended up drinking a a few swigs at around 11:00.   HELLO!!!!

I finally get to sleep and didn’t wake up until 9:30 am.  That is VERY late for me.  I am surprised that my children didn’t think I was dead.

“911 -What your emergency”

“I think my Mom is dead.”

“Check her breathing.  Is she breathing?”

“Yes, I think she is and I can also smell Diet Coke.”

“OK, I think she will be just fine.  Let her sleep it off.”

I got to my oldest room’s first and tell him I am sorry and that I was up late trying to let Dad get some sleep.  He was kind to forgive me, but I don’t think he even noticed or cared that I wasn’t up yet.  My little one laid in bed.  Maybe they were thankful for some time just to rest???

Thanks Diet Coke!

Have a “Caffeine-Free” Day!