I need a girl in the family!  Case in point:

Last night, in Phoenix AZ I might add -the land of 113 degree temps, we went to a local racetrack for a car spectacular event.

We were able to see a robot breathe fire (which is very helpful with over 100 degree temps).  He ate some cars and left them in a fiery mess after he was done.  (Check him out – http://www.robosaurus.com/ )


from http://www.flickr.com/photos/jerseyjj/543078250/

There were loud jet cars with lots of fumes.

Cigarettes, bathrooms that smelled like barf, and really fun conversations regarding some women’s choices in professions (legal and not).

And to top off the evening, my hubby found a grasshopper on a seat and placed in on my little ones hand. I have no pic as I forgot the camera for this momentous event.  Can you imagine that?  But the grasshopper stayed for most of the show and I think enjoyed himself.

You know what’s funny.  Of course I would never choose this event for myself – 

“Hey Sally, I got me these tickets for this car spectacular.  You wanna go with me?” 

The look on the kids faces is what you go for.  It’s worth the heat, bugs, and even the smell of melting tires.  Although, I do prefer a little more enviormentally friendly events.

P.S. – Did I mention that we passed a nice air conditioned mall and an IKEA on the way there?  🙂

Have a “Racing” Day!