I wrote these down awhile back but don’t remember where it came from.  If you know please feel free to put it in the comments.

  1. Skee Ball Tournament
  2. Summer Scrapbook (or do an event book)
  3. Grow a Plant
  4. Ride a Tandem Bike
  5. Play a Card Game
  6. Pick some Flowers (press in a book)
  7. Blow Bubbles
  8. Buy Funny Sunglasses and where them out
  9. Fly a Kite
  10. Research a Topic Online
  11. Go Backyard Camping
  12. Finish a Book
  13. Water Fight
  14. Volunteer
  15. Catch Bugs
  16. Start a Collection
  17. Play Tag (Maybe in the Rain)
  18. Go to a Free event in your community
  19. Pick up litter (with gloves)
  20. Sponge Football
  21. Picnic
  22. Keep a Journal or Diary
  23. Make Homemade Gifts for the Holidays Coming Up 🙂
  24. Miniature Golf
  25. Develop a new Talent
  26. Make Slushies             

   Sinister Slushies Photo

Recipe and Picture found here – http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/sinister-slushies-recipe.htm 

Now print this list off and check them as you go.  Finish them all and no one will be saying they are bored this summer.  Well I can’t guarantee that but they will have fun along with being bored too 🙂

Have a “Productive” Summer!