On our way out of Utah we headed to the Great Salt Lake (name is questionable to me as you will see).

Right off the bat I got out of the car to take a picture and the smell was interesting.  Now I could get over that however the bugs sucking my blood at a rapid pace was another story.

We went out further and wondered where all the people were.  I guess that was a silly question.

We ogt out and at first the sand was super soft so I left behind my shoes.  Bright I know.  Then the sand was filled was sharp shards of rock.  Ok back to get the shoes.  Now the bugs come in.  This was about a 1/2 mile back being attacked.  The screaming must have been heard by the birds as they came in.

I now needed a blood transfusion and will have to see what I look like in the morning.

We left trying to encourage others to turn around that looked like they were going in.  And we got to pondering when a good time of year is to visit.

After several fights with “Lee” we arrive at my Grandma’s who is 96.  Had a nice visit and wish it could be longer.

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Pretty, but stay in your car.


Prior to 2nd bug attack



We made it despite Lee

Have a “Mosqito Free” Day