Day 1 of our vacation:

We were able to purchase a GPS unit just before the trip.  We were thinking this would be helpful.  That was up for debate on Day 1!

The day before we were to start on our trip my hubby wanted to change routes and said that it was only a 30 min increase.  I was a little concerned but agreed.  We started out and everything was ok.  As we took the detour things began to unravel.  The GPS, speaking with an Australian accent and named Lee, indicated that now this was going to increase our trip by 4 hours.  WHAT?????

My hubby was perplexed and thought it must be wrong.  We kept working with “Lee” and he must have been having a “day”.  We didnt know what to do.  With the way we were traveling it was too late to turn around.  What were we going to do?

Finally we worked with Lee again and he gave us some promising news.  We were back down over 3 hours.  Ok, but the trust level was down so we didn’t know if we could trust him or not.

We finally started to relax and stopped at an Arch in Utah and I talked with a real human who assured us we were not going to arrive at 10pm.  GOOD NEWS!





IMG_4522.JPGHave a “GPS Free” Day. 🙂