Day 3 took us to Idaho.  My Grandma, who is 96, lives in her home there (by herself).  Isn’t that terrific?

We took her to Wendy’s (her choice), for some dinner.  We sat outside and it was a beautiful evening but we forgot to take pictures 😦

It was nice to see her and the home she has lived in for so long.  I hadn’t been there in many years.  Many new homes in the area so it has changed a lot.  One thing that didn’t change was a lake that was near their home.  However I never saw it the times I had visited before.  My hubby said is that a lake over there?  I thought what is he talking about.  Yep, a lake is in viewing distance from her home and I had never seen it.  I guess as a child you never pay much mind to those things…at least I didn’t.

The hotel we stayed in was beautiful!!!  It was a Hyatt in Boise and it was recently renovated and wonderful.  My hubby loved the big screen TV!!!

We had one more fight with the GPS and now the Australian accent is gone as East and West where hard to tell apart on one very important turn.  Enter “Lynn”.

Have a “Long Lived” Day!