We got back from our vacation on 7/12.  Shortly after that I went to Costco and got a few grocery items like milk and eggs.  We brought home a lot of fruit from the trip so I wasn’t in need of any. 

Last weekend we went to a party and needed to bring an appetizer so I made a peanut butter caramel dip, since I had the ingredients on hand, and before we got there we picked up some fruit.  The leftover fruit came home with us.

So that’s it.  In over two weeks I have dreaded going to the store and haven’t.  And if you really think about it we didn’t go to the store before we went on vacation since we were going to be gone for two weeks.  I hope I still know where to find the store and where the items are in it!

Due to this lack of store attendance, I have been participating in the games of “How Bare Can We Make the Pantry?”, “I Didn’t Know We Had That in There”, “Let’s Try and Pull This Together”, and “What’s the Expiration on that Can?”.   Have you played those before?  It’s challenging but fun to see how far you can go.  You start to wonder if you can make it all the way to empty cabinets.  Which really is sad in and of itself since so many go without food!

Some of the meals have been good like Raviolis with Sausage/Tomato Sauce (using up some frozen sausage and raviolis).  Some have been a stretch like a Fritata with only 4 eggs and lots of fillings.  It’s amazing how much food is really there and how much we are blessed with, but I think the time has come to break down and go to the store.  We are out of milk, eggs, and fresh veggies.  We are very low on most pantry staples and cheese, and you have to have cheese don’t you?.

So I have adequately, I hope, prepared the boys to expect that we will be heading to the store today.  Prayers are always accepted and welcome 🙂

Have a “Blessed With Food” Day!