OK, I am just getting back to a little, and I mean little, routine right before school is going to start to throw me back off again.  So before things got crazy I promised some recommendations of places that we experienced while on our trip.  Today I will start with Utah……

Arches National Park was pretty.  You can see arches along the way and then into the park there is a long route or you can go just part way in to see a few.  The information booth was very helpful in finding the best places to go with the amount of time you had.  The boys had a good time climbing after being in the car.

– Didn’t enjoy the Sheraton in Salt Lake City.  This is the first time I ever had to change rooms as it smelled completely like smoke.  This is weird since the whole building is suppose to be smoke free.  We went to another room and it wasn’t as bad but still smelled of cigarette smoke.

-Utah Olympic Park was wonderful.  You can do as much or as little as you want to.  The tour is a good price and informative.  There are many things to do and see there.  I would highly recommend the Quicksilver Alpine Slide!!!  Great place for all ages.

Antelope Island at the Salt Lake was full of bugs!!  Not sure if it was just a bad time of the year to go there but we were ready to move on quickly. 

Tomorrow, Lord willing, we will cover Oregon recommendations.

Have a “Promising” Day!