August 2008

My Max Factor post was one of those interesting experiences.  You can see it here if you didn’t catch it :   You put yourself out there “In The Raw” sort of speak.  You know I really don’t care as much about what people say as I use to but still it was vulnerable.

It got me thinking about how scary it is to show ourselves without makeup say, yet the people closest in our lives see us that way all the time (unless you are one of those that puts makeup on before anyone else gets up and take it off after they go to bed and then I say you just need help..just kidding.. I think)  But what about the pool?  Don’t people see you without makeup then?  Or worst yet, with “oops my mascara isn’t waterproof” eyes.  Or how about when you are crying?  For most that is not a pretty picture. There aren’t too many that can cry gracefully. 

But, here’s the kicker, do I care to make sure I am giving the same when it comes to my attitude?  Do I guard my emotions in the same way as I guard answering the door in my jammies or an unmade face?  OUCH!  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I do all the time.  I think I protect my outward appearances far greater than my inner ones And in all actuality comes out in very visible ways anyways, don’t they? 

So my challenge is to guard my inward self as much as my outward self.  What about you?  Do you struggle in this area?  Do you have a story to share?  Remember we all learn from each other and you know what?  I think we learn more from “In The Raw” than professional photographs.  What do you think?

Have an “Inwardly Gorgeous” Day!


For those of you who don’t know, I have a child who is adopted and has some emotional/behavioral issues.  Just when we think life is going along..BAM!  This is one of the moments.

( Me) Go into room.  “What is that smell?”

Now this is a problem that we have been dealing with off and on for sometime, along with others, and honestly I try to avoid his room.

Him   ”                                                      ”

SILENCE!  No honest answer to be found.

There was a pee ring on the floor that was as big as a chair.  Apparently he found a corner to pee (hear -saturate) in at night instead of going to the bathroom just a few feet away from HIS ROOM!!!!  Honestly our house in not very big!

The carpet is going to have to be torn out and we will have to paint the concrete.  FUN!  I’ll just fit that in between homeschooling, part time work (although not much anymore), and keeping up on my chores, k?

He has no bed frame as he was stuffing items under it including stolen food (that since rotted).  He has peed and pooped (smeared actually) on the carpet before.  And his bed isn’t smelling too good. 

AUGHH!!!!!  Quit moving that football LUCY!!!!

Can we tear that part of the house down and start all over?

The joys!  The joys!!!

This to shall pass, but when?

Have a “Clean” Day!

…Tast’em and see.  Does anyone remember that jingle?

I have wanted to write this post for awhile, but the problem was I couldn’t keep any summer fruit around long enough to take a picture.  I LOVE MY SUMMER FRUIT!!

But really, if you have trouble picking out fruit then I would like to help.  After all this is part of my election campaign “Eat More Fruit!”. 

Here is a picture of my favorite fruit – The Nectarine!!! 


(Sorry, I am not the best photographer in the world.  Note to self – Work on that!)

This is the white nectarine so the skin is just a little lighter, at times, but what you want is a fruit that is heavy for it’s size, color at the stem, and you want them to look the opposite of your skin:  very dark and with tons of sun spots.  This can not be replicated by machines and coloring so you know they were on a tree getting nice and sweet.

If you love summer fruit, get it now before it’s gone. 

*****ACT NOW!!!  You only have a limited amount of time before they are gone.  And if you call within the next thirtly minutes, I will throw in a good dose of Vitamins.  Call  1-888-YUMMMY!******

Have a “Fruity” Day! (Hey, am I what I eat?)

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Have you ever heard of BzzAgent?  You join and get to test all these products.  Well, this is what I received and tested:

It was like Christmas.  I was so excited.

Here are the results:

Before with no make-up (I am taking the pic so be kind).  Am I brave or what? :

After -with the Max Factor Products:

The only thing I added was concealer and a little eye liner.  The rest was their products. 

I really enjoyed the lipstick as it’s the one that stays on all day.  Just be careful to correct any mistakes quickly or they are harder to come off.  This is my favorite type of lipstick though because I need it to stay on without reapplying all day! 

Not too long ago I decided to go into a expensive makeup store and see what all the fuss was.  I got a couple of things and one was mascara that the lady recommended.  I spent way too much (compared to drug store) and was not that impressed.  I now have the two, Max Factor and the expensive one, in my makeup and I choose the Max Factor one every time.

The powder was nice.  I like to use a bronzer since I am so fair skinned, but it was nice and neutral.  The brush was a normal type brush with no particular features that I would say I must have.

I really enjoyed playing with these products and would enjoy trying more from Max Factor.

P.S. – There is a fantastic buy one and get one free deal for Lipfinity and Maxwear lipcolors at Wal-Mart! You and your glamorous friends can find the instant savings, limited time deal in the cosmetics aisle at your local Wal-Mart, but get there fast as this deal will end once supplies run out.

Have a “Reviewed” Day!

Anyone can become a BzzAgent. Go here today!

Not mine, but go over to Simple Mom and enter for some beautiful prizes.  Hey, wait a minute.  Doesn’t that mean that my chances are going to go down now?

Have a “Simply Beautiful” Day!

Can you believe the Olympics is wrapping up?  I guess the fix will have to last until the Summer Olympics.

So until the next Olympics here’s what you can do until then:

1) Start training now.  You never know you might just be the next gold medal Olympian in the high jump!

2) Invite your friends over to talk about the Olympics so it never ends.

3) Wear Olympic sponsored clothing all the time.

4) Make your reservations for England.

5) TiVo it so you can keep watching it over and over.

6) Watch Pre-Olympic Competition and pretend they are as excited as they would be in the Olympics.

7) Install a Beach Volleyball court in your backyard.

8 ) See if you can find a used water towel from one of the divers on EBay.

9) Hang pictures of all the Olympians in your home.

10) Call all the medalists and invite them over for dinner.

Have a “Closing” Day!

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